Greetings fellow table top gaming enthusiast and welcome to Vermilion Mind, a site that I have put together to showcase my seemingly never ending flow of thoughts and opinions on table top gaming.  It is my hope that the material I have here will get you thinking about what makes table top gaming different from other types of games, and maybe spark some ideas on how to make your own experiences better whether you are running things from behind the DM’s screen, rolling dice as a player, or setting up cardboard and dealing out cards.

I’ve been an avid and enthusiastic table top gamer since 2002 when I was invited to play a little game called Dungeons and Dragons.  While as a whole that first game was not spectacular it did illustrate for me the magic of group storytelling and how the intertwining of language, imagination, and game mechanics can be so fascinating.

This site is a labor of love for me, and as a thank you to visitors to Vermilion Mind I intend to keep the site advertisement free.  I appreciate you taking the time to read, and encourage you to share your thoughts as we all will benefit from a fresh voice and a new perspective.


Currently Running

I’m currently running a 10 week game of Vampire: The Masquerade.  This game is intended to be political in tone as my players will vie for seats of power and attempt to overthrow those who are currently entrenched in the system.  I’ve created a whole network of locations and people within the city the construction of which might make for a pretty interesting article…

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