My Frustration with Clerics in D&D5e

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Ok so a few weeks ago my local gaming group wrapped up a 10 week set of sessions for our D&D5e campaign.  For this game I thought I would break from my usual go-to classes and choose something that I normally wouldn’t play, and so I chose Cleric.  Specifically I’m playing a chaotic good Rock Gnome War Cleric.  At first the Cleric class seemed great, solid AC, a good assortment of spells, and a decent selection of weapons to choose from via the War Cleric build.  All was good, we were fighting our way through dungeons and I was really enjoying the class…but then we started leveling up and I began to see how frustrating mechanically the Cleric began to be.

What I found was that I began to hit a wall with abilities, especially when it came to concentration spells.  In a nutshell concentration spells are ongoing spells that are mutually exclusive.  Why this is frustrating is because it is very easy to overload yourself with concentration spells and as a consequence have a very boring set of turns just keeping up the spell you picked out at the start of battle.  Perhaps this is just a feature of a class that I am just not used to, but it seems to me that if there were more instantaneous spells to choose from things wouldn’t feel so stale when it comes back around to your turn and you are doing the same thing again and again.  Does anyone else feel this way?  Should I tweak my build for better results?  Let me know below in the comments or tweet to me @Tanz444.


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